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Samuel A De Jesus

About Rockaway Fight Center in Randolph, NJ

Meet Samuel A De Jesus

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Rockaway Fight Center in Randolph
5th Dan

Samuel De Jesus started training in Taekwondo at the age of 12 under the teachings of Masters Jose and Angel Jimenez in Paterson NJ, earning the rank of brown belt. In the summer of 1989 Mr. De Jesus stop training due to moving to Dover NJ.

After graduating high school in 1992, bothered with the unpleasant things happening in his life, Mr. De Jesus began his training again this time under the teachings of Master William Carroll. In 1997 becoming an Assistant Instructor. In 1998 Mr. De Jesus received his 1st Dan through the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and the World Taekwondo Federation, Kuk Ki Won.

As a black belt he became an Instructor and full time employee of Master Carroll. He also started competing as well in Olympic sparring, point sparring and forms.

Mr. De Jesus have won several state AAU and USTU (United State Taekwondo Union) tournaments. In doing so qualified him to go to national events in the AAU and the USTU which he earned several National titles and an International title.

Mr. De Jesus also had the great privilege to travel to Colorado Springs, Colorado to compete in the Olympic and Pan Am Weight Division Championship. In 2000 Taekwondo Olympic sparring became an official sport in the Olympics. In 1999 Mr. De Jesus received his 2nd Dan through the AAU and the WTF, Kuk Ki Won under Master Carroll.

He worked for Master Carroll till 2001 where he found himself with a new job opportunity. Mr. De Jesus took that opportunity and now he find himself in a full circle having still training on his own. In 2004 he return to his old Taekwondo school to train again under Master Carroll. In November of 2004 Mr. De Jesus received his 3rd Dan through the WTF Kuk Ki Won.

In December of 2004 Mr. De Jesus became the owner, Founder and Head Instructor of Rockaway Fight Center.

Tactical Achievements

  • Certified Haganah Instructor
  • Certified FIGHT Instructor
  • Certified ITK 1000 -2000 (Israeli Tactical Knife) Instructor
  • Certified Ground Survival Instructor
  • 2009 Haganah Certified Black Belt
  • Internation Haganah Federations - 2010 - "HaganaH Black Belt of the Year"
  • ICS - Israeli Combat Shooting Level 1
  • IPTT - Israeli Professional Tactical Training - Israeli Counter Terror Warfare: Level 1 and 2 Combat Pistol Certified
  • IPTT - Israeli Professional Tactical Training - Combat Assault Rifle Certified
  • IPTT - Israeli Professional Tactical Training - Tactical Handcuffing Certified
  • Brotherhood of Warriors - Gensis
  • 2012 HaganaH 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Blade Warrior 3000 Certified
  • Fit 4 Battle Instructor
  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
  • Heartsaver- First Aid Certified
  • 2015 HaganaH 3rd Degree Black Belt

​​Martial Arts Achievements:

  • AAU National TKD Championships July 1-4, 1998 Palm Beach County, Fl.: 1st in Olympic Sparring, 3rd in Forms
  • 12th US Cup TKD Championships October 10, 1998 West Hartford , CT. - 3rd in Olympic Sparring, 2nd in Forms
  • Olympic/Pan Am Games Weight Division Tournament February 19-20, 1999 Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • 25th USTU US National TKD Championships April 9-11, 1999 Daytona Beach, Florida - 2nd in Forms
  • 13th US Cup TKD Championships October 9, 1999 West Hartford, CT - 1st in Olympic sparring, 1st in Form
  • 1999 US Cup Tae Kwon Do Team Member
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt - Under Sergio Penha BJJ 3rd degree Black belt Carlos Catania.
  • 2009 4th Degree World Taekwondo Federation - Kuk Ki Won certified/ AAU certified 4th Dan Black Belt
  • Certified Muay Thai Instructor
  • Certified Fit 2 Fight / Combat Fitness Instructor
  • 2013 AAU certified 5th Dan Black Belt

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